Monday, 6 February 2017

Helping You to Become Parents

ICSI Treatment has helped couples where there is a significant male factor problem to achieve treatment success similar to those with other causes of subfertility. IMSI is a modification of the ICSI technique in which sperm samples are examined under a microscope that is almost 6000 times more powerful. This highly-magnified view may allow us to identify subtle sperm flaws that are not evident with a conventional ICSI microscope. Our embryologists examine defects within the sperm head as well as checking for more orthodox shape size and motility abnormalities. After the selection, the sperm is injected into the egg in precisely the same way as with the normal ICSI procedure.
  • Men who have high levels of DNA fragmentation
  • When there have been  repeated miscarriages
  • Where implantation hasn’t worked on numerous occasions following ICSI treatment
  • Where preceding embryos have developed poorly
  • When there’s a high number of sperm which is abnormal
  • Male partners over 40 years of age
  • Patients that have not achieved good quality embryos in preceding cycles
  • Patients with formerly unsuccessful treatment cycles
The treatment cycle is exactly the same as in ICSI treatment before and after egg collection. The only difference is that our embryologists use the IMSI procedure in the laboratory to select the sperm with the least flaws for the ICSI method which may increase the rate of success. For IMSI to be successful, it has to be done through experienced doctors because this increases the chances of impregnating the female.
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Thursday, 12 January 2017

IVF Treatment : Helping You to Create Family

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is the scientific term for the procedure of ‘Conception in a Lab’. In this process, the egg is fertilized with the sperm inside a laboratory. The egg of the biological mother and the sperm are fused to form the embryo which is then implanted into the uterus via a catheter through the cervix. In advanced facilities, extra embryos formed may be preserved for future cycles.

In women, IVF treatment is used in the case of blocked fallopian tube and unexplained infertility. In case of male infertility, which cannot be overcome with IUI or Intrauterine Insemination or some other treatment methods, IVF is recommended. IVF treatment is likely to be successful in men with low sperm count or no sperm presence in the semen. IVF treatment is also used with ICSI, which is the process of direct injection of sperm into the egg but the possibility of fertilization is minuscule. 

The procedure involved depends on the kind of reproductive technology employed and whether donor sperms, eggs or embryos are involved. This may also be altered by another physical change of the body. The process usually starts with the medication to control the ovulation cycle of the woman followed by gonadotropins. The follicle growth is then monitored. Once it reaches the desired state, egg retrieval would be scheduled. At the same time, semen would be retrieved. Fertilisation would happen when the egg is placed in a special culture. The healthiest of the embryos is selected and is transferred to the uterus.

Ponni Hospital provides comprehensive healthcare to women based on infertility, obstetrics, reproductive disorders. It offers Best IVF treatment in Madurai with the help of a dedicated team.

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