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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Treatment in Tamil Nadu

There are approximately 20 percent of all pregnancies that end in loss or miscarriage. Miscarriage is medically defined as the loss of a pregnancy before twenty weeks gestation. Within the first 12 weeks of gestation is when most miscarriages occur.

Recurrent pregnancy loss is defined as 2-3 or more miscarriages occurring in the past. There are a number of factors that may be causing the miscarriages. Underlying causes such as a genetic defect, uterine fibroids or other problems may result in recurrent miscarriage. Hormonal imbalances such as elevated levels of prolactin in non-nursing women or thyroid hormone shifts may result in recurrent pregnancy loss.

Causes of Reccurent Pregnacy Loss 

1. Genetic - Either of the parent has chromosomal defect and it comes in the girl child. So, it is better if the parents get a chromosomal analysis done before going for pregnancy. Also, they can go for clinical geneticist to know about the future chances for miscarriage.

2. Anatomical - This problem can be divided into two sectors - (a) Cervical incompetence and (b) uterus defects from birth. Where the first problem is concerned, nearly painless abortion takes place automatically after 16 weeks. If during pregnancy, the cervix could be stitched, then the abortion could be stopped. If one has to look at the congenital reason, it shows that nearly 10% women are born with abnormally-sized uterus. Over and above, they have cervical incompetence. Well, these problems, when detected through Ultrasonography and Hystero-salpingography, can be taken care of through Hysteroscope.

3. Immune and Thromboembolic - If the mother has aloe-immunity, progesterone can be used to reduce the immunity and thereby, further reduce the chances of recurrent pregnancy loss.

4. Hormones - the most important factors for recurrent pregnancy loss are uncontrolled diabetes, thyroidism and hyper-prolactinia.

5. Infections - Abortions can take place due to Rubella, Toxoplasmosis, Cytomegalovirus or Lysteria.

6. Unexplained - The number of women who complain of recurrent pregnancy loss, 50% out of them go undetected because of no symptoms shown by them for such a loss.

Some tips that can care about 

Women may take certain steps in moving up their possibilities of successfully conceiving a child on the next pregnancy. Women should adopt a healthy lifestyle and take folic acid supplements to prepare for pregnancy. They should reduce caffeine consumption, control their weight and practice moderate exercise.
Women who are of advanced maternal age, typically thought to be 35 and older, are strongly encouraged to consult with a fertility specialist before becoming pregnant. Various tests may be required for women who experience more than two miscarriages to determine what may cause the miscarriages.

What treatment can be done at this stage 

There may be certain therapies available for women who have experienced multiple miscarriages. The precise therapy or treatment may depend on the cause miscarriage. Aspirin may be recommended for women whose miscarriages may have been caused by immunological causes, while certain surgical procedures may be necessary for women with anatomic problems. Antibiotics may be prescribed in some cases as well.

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